7" 宽屏 全彩高清 TFT WVGA HMI 触摸屏平板电脑
  • 主要特点
  • 7" TFT 彩色显示屏, LED 背光
  • 800 x 480 像素 (WVGA) 的分辨率, 16.7M 色
  • 电阻式触摸屏
  • 1 x 以太网端口
  • 1 x USB 主机端口
  • 1 x RS232/422/485 通信端口
  • 高性价比的塑料机壳的HMI
  • 超薄设计,安装深度小于30mm

eSMART系列人机界面产品,综合了先进的功能和优秀设计的最高性能。他们是满足所有人机界面应用需求的理想选择,eSMART07N具有一个可调LED背光,高亮度的7” (16:9)TFT宽屏显示器。JMobile软件提供完整的矢量图形性能和丰富的连接选项。


  • JMobile runtime included. Full compatibility with JMobile Studio
  • Full vector graphic support. Native support of SVG graphic objects. Transparency and alpha blending
  • Multilanguage applications. Easily create and manage your applications in multiple languages to meet global requirements. Far East languages are supported. Tools available in JMobile studio support easy third-party translations and help reducing development and maintenance costs of the application
  • Data display in numerical, text, bargraph, analog gauges and graphic image formats
  • Rich set of state-of-the-art HMI features: data acquisition, alarm handling, scheduler and timed actions (daily and weekly schedulers, exception dates), recipes, users and passwords, e-mail and RSS feeds, rotating menus
  • Includes support for a wide range of communication drivers for factory and building automation systems
  • Multiple drivers communication capability
  • Remote monitoring and control. Client- server functionality. Mobile clients supported
  • Remote maintenance and support with VNC-based functionality
  • Off-line simulation of the HMI application with JMobile studio
  • Powerful scripting language for automating HMI applications. Script debugging improves efficiency in application development
  • Rich gallery of symbols and objects
  • Project templates
  • Optional plug-in modules for fieldbus systems, I/O and controllers
  • Display backlight dimmable to 0%


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